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Backup cameras are a great safety measure for any vehicle, Let JC Audio make you and your family safer.

Backup cameras are a great safety measure for any vehicle, Let JC Audio make you and your family safer on the road. With only the best most reliable brands to choose from, JC Audio has the experience to make sure your backup camera installation is as quick and safe as possible.

About Back Up Cameras.
Back-up cameras send images to a display through wires inside the car, or in the case of some aftermarket equipment, wirelessly, using radio waves or a Bluetooth connection. They can be configure back-up cameras to transmit images to a vehicle's built-in dashboard display or rearview mirror. For add-on cameras, the images go to a monitor mounted to the dashboard and a receiver plugged into the auxiliary power. Current rearview cameras have either narrow or wide, fish-eye-style lenses, for capturing images of a larger area.

Your new electronics or accessories will only be as good as the installation and set-up. If there is one mistake you can’t afford to make, it’s choosing the wrong technician to perform your car audio system installation. Car stereo wiring has become a very specialized field during the past 15 to 20 years with the introduction of computer systems into vehicles. What used to be a simple radio or speaker installation may now be an extremely complicated and sensitive job. JC Audio employs ONLY MECP CERTIFIED professionals. Check out some of our recent projects in our Build Gallery

You should’t trust this asset to just anyone.
MECP professionals are tasked with learning new technologies as well as best practices for all facets of mobile electronics installation. All levels of installation technician certifications have a strong vehicle electrical and installation knowledge emphasis. Whether it is a car radio installation, adding a new pair of subwoofers to your system, installing an amplifier on your existing speakers, or one of the many other services offered such as cruise control installation, power window repair or adding power door locks, the MECP certified staff at JC Audio is the right choice. Just ask around.
Oh, and for the “do it yourself” we carry more parts and accessories than anyone in the region. Check out our JC Audio Tech Tip videos! Click Here

Here are some of the many services and installations we offer:

  • Bluetooth hands free kits, Backup Cameras, Car audio, CB radio, Cruise control,
  • Emergency lighting, Factory antennas, Factory radio repair, Fog/Driving Lights, HID headlights
  • Inverters, iPod interfaces, USB amd bluetooth interfaces, Keyless entry, Marine audio,
  • Navigation systems, Neon and LED Lighting, Performance accessories, Power door locks
  • Power programmers, Power windows, Radar detectors, Rear seat entertainment,
  • Remote start, Satellite radio, Security systems, System design, Video game systems,
  • Video systems, We also cary a wide range of Mobil Audio components and accesserys and more.

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